about us

The concept which would later become BarLuxe, began with a casual conversation among close friends in 2006. The friends, experienced bar owners/operators and a veteran in the manufacturing and distribution of plastic containers discussed the lack of choices for quality, durable, unbreakable drinkware in the marketplace.

The options available were made from plastics such as acrylic or polycarbonate that is not dishwasher durable or contains BPA and most had a definite “plastic-y” feel. There needed to be a better option for both the commercial market and for use in the home, something that doesn’t sacrifice quality for durability.

During our research, we learned of a new, patented material from Eastman Chemical called Tritan. This new copolyester is BPA-free, virtually unbreakable, ultra dishwasher durable and has the sparkling clarity and gloss of glass. Find out more »

We worked closely with Eastman to use this new material to create drinkware that has the look and feel of real glass yet the benefits of Tritan.

While the technology behind BarLuxe products is complex, the results are simple: stylish, durable, safe drinkware perfect for commercial or home use.